Snap Away Selfie Bluetooth Ring

Take pictures with a Snap of your finger… from 30’ away!

Works WIth ALl Devices

Bluetooth compatible with all iPhone and Androids devices.

Hands Free Selfies, Pics & Videos With the Snap of Your Finger!

Start Capturing All of Your Great Memories

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Dual Position Tripod


✓ Strong enough to support large phones
✓ Easily switch between horizontal & vertical positions
✓ Adjustable height legs

Snap Away Selfie Ring

Perfect For social media

✓ Get amazing hands-free selfies, pics & videos

✓ ​Great for capturing images from up to 30 feet away​Rechargeable – so you never miss a pic​

✓ Use anytime and anywhere​Bluetooth compatible with iPhones and Androids​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions by our customers!

Your Snap Away Ring

- Press and hold the button on the ring for 5 seconds to turn it on. The indicator light will flash one time.

-Turn on your devices Bluetooth and Search for "Clik Ring"

-Pair connection.

-Place your device in ideal spot to catch the action.

-Press and hold the ring button for 5 seconds to turn it off/disconnect. Ring will blink 3 times.

1) first make sure your ring is fully charged

2) make sure your ring is connected to your Bluetooth

Use any micro charging cable.

Charging should take about 1 hour.

Other Questions

You can contact us through our contact page here with all other questions!